15 October 2007

Probability is funny

I'm taking a probability class, and I've learned some interesting things. For example:

A "random variable" is not random... and it's not a variable.
An "expected value" is quite often a value which you can't actually achieve (rolling 4.5 on a 6-sided die, for example).
The "compliment of success" sounds like a nice phrase, but it turns out the compliment of success is failure.

So much to learn!


Mark said...

Wouldn't the expected value of a 6-sided die (1-6) be 3.5, not 4.5? :)

Dan said...

Yeah, but only if it's a fair die... :)

Bruce said...

Well, you know we park in our driveways and drive on parkways, our noses run while our feet smell, things that move by cars are called shipments and things moved by ship are called cargo, fire fighters fight fires and crime fighters fight crime but freedom fighters don't fight freedom, and my favorite one of all time is:

If the opposite of "pro" is "con", then the opposite of "progress" is "congress."