09 October 2007

Random notes from classes

a) Make sure you're building the right system before you ensure you are building it right (makes me think of the F-22, which is -in my opinion- the wrong system, built well).

b) A guy named Barry Boehm developed something called the Spiral Development model. He no longer endorses the model, because he says nobody does it correctly (i.e. it's an interesting theory that fails in practice). Guess what - we still (try to) use it anyway.

c) Several people have pointed out that cyber-technology today is at approximately the same state as airpower was in the 1930's / 40's (i.e. before the Air Force was an independent service). So some people are wondering if there should be some sort of independent Cyber Force. But just like airpower, I think people (specifically the senior-types) are waiting to see if this internet thing is going to catch on and/or be relevant before endorsing something like an independent Cyber Force (duh!). Even though we know airplane development would have moved along faster/better if the AF had become independent in the 1930's, when people first called for it, rather than waiting until 1947. Plus ca change...

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Gabe said...

Check out this little verse I just made up:

The Olds are never in the Know.

How many times do we have to scream at our service that they're just a bunch of cotton headed ninny-muggins?

After reading Re-imagine (which I wonder: do our leaders ever read anything that might help them with the current instead of the past), Tom Peters is pretty clear how ineffective Kaizen is in this disruptive age.