23 October 2007


I like dentists just fine.

Most of the ones I've known have been friendly and helpful. They make uncomfortable things in my mouth go away. That's nice. Very, very nice.

But I hate... dental procedures.

I don't know why, but I have a really tough time dealing with them. It's purely psychological, I know, but there's something about having someone work on my teeth that just makes my skin crawl.

And now I've got a molar that is suddenly sensitive to cold... and feels strange when I bite down. Not painful, really, just pressure. For now. These things have a tendency to get worse, don't they? It's not like a cold, which gets better on it's own. Tooth issues generally require intervention. Darn.

So... off I go, to see a nice, friendly, helpful, highly skilled dental professional, to help make the uncomfortableness in my mouth go away.

(oh, I'm not looking forward to it!)

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