11 October 2007

Pushing Daisies

Just one more plug for the new TV show "Pushing Daisies." It's on Wed's at 8:00, but if you've got a DVR, who cares what day/time it's on, right?

It's gorgeously shot, very colorful, quirky, intriguing and a refreshing change from the Doctor and Lawyer shows which dominate the rest of the television schedule. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoy House and Boston Legal, but I think it's fantastic that the main character in Pushing Daisies is a pie maker (and it doesn't hurt that Kristin Chenowith is in it - she's very talented and has a great character in this show).

And what is it about medical and legal dramas? Aren't there other professions out there which could be turned into shows? It just seems like cops, lawyers and doctors are the easiest route...

Anyway, check out Pushing Daisies when you get a chance.


Deb said...

Kevin really likes the show too! I am usually just getting in from work when it's coming on, so haven't seen much of it!

Kim said...

I actually saw it on Tuesday night (Canadian channel). It's sort of weird but I think that I do like it. Love the narration.
I'm pretty bored with the lawyer/doctor shows, and I totally agree that it's great to see the piemaking profession break into primetime tv. :)

Ulla said...

I just watched it online, and I agree it is really adorable.
It reminds me of a lot of the French films that have been coming out lately.