29 January 2007

Simplicity Gallery

In his Autobiography, G.K. Chesterton wrote "I once planned a massive and exhaustive sociological work, in several volumes, which was to be called The Two Barbers of Beaconsfield..."

In the same sense, I'm working (to use that phrase loosely) on turning my Simplicity Cycle research into a book. One of the things I would like to include, perhaps as an appendix (most likely swollen) to this "massive and exhaustive work, in several volumes," is a collection I'm calling The Simplicity Gallery.

That's where you come in.

I'm looking for nominations of things that have both a high degree of goodness and a low degree of complexity. I want to highlight some of the very simple, very useful/beautiful/etc tools, ideas, objects, etc that you encounter on a daily basis. Things like "a pencil and paper," or "E=MC2" or "a coffee pot."



Deb said...

One of my most used "Tools" is my lint roller. A must have if you have pets, long hair or kids!!
I also love my ice tea maker ~ I have to have my tea!!!
My newest must have is my "shark" cordless vacuum! Another must have with kids and pets. Very lightweight and easy to use!!!

Gabe said...

The iPod

Dan said...

Lint rollers - excellent! And the iPod of course (have you seen the new version of the shuffle? Makes my original version look old and clunky...)

Deb said...

And...the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser