19 January 2007

Adventures In Pediatric Dentistry

Had a little bit of excitement last night. Just as my wife and I were about to go out (and moments before the babysitter arrived), Jenna, our soon-to-be-four-year-old daughter, did a face plant on the kitchen floor and halfway knocked out her front tooth.


So, we called the dentist and he agreed to meet us at his office (it was about 6:30). We called the babysitter and asked her to come a few minutes early. Then off we went to visit the dentist.

After applying some numbing gel to the gum, he gave the tooth a little wiggle and out it came. Jenna said "ow," the dentist said "done," and we were on our way home with the tooth securely held in a little pink treasure box. No tears, no problem. I was impressed.

This adventure wasn't entirely unexpected, in part because Jenna seems to have a knack for banging herself in the mouth. She also has a "special" (i.e. extra) tooth that's been growing in for a while now, pushing the recently departed front tooth to the side (and eroding the root). So, the dentist warned us a month or two ago this sort of thing might happen.

And last night, it did. I think I had a harder time than Jenna did (I don't stomach dental procedures very well - ugh - but I don't think Jenna noticed daddy's weak knees). She was very brave, very cooperative, and very, very excited about the prospect of the Tooth Fairy coming to visit.

This morning, she proudly showed me the quarter she found under her pillow. "The tooth fairy gave this to me because she loves me and thinks I'm beautiful," Jenna said.

That's so true, kiddo. That's so true...


Michelle said...

Awwwww . . . very brave girl. Enjoy that quarter thing until she gets to 1st grade and sees what how much the tooth fairy loves the other kids!
I was shocked at how inflation hit the first grade class at the elementary school where I taught.

Deb said...

What a brave sweetie pie she is. I'm with you, Dan...I don't stomach dental "Stuff" at all. In fact, I still get teary eyes just to have my teeth cleaned every 6 months. I certainly can't stand to see a lose tooth, or even someone else brushing their teeth. Funny huh? So, did you and Kim end up going out after things settled down? Jenna was exactly right as to why the tooth fairy left her that quarter, eh? xoxo

Kim said...

Hee hee - Tooth Fairy Inflation!

It must be something in our genetics, bc I still get upset having to go to the dentist, no matter what the reason. Obviously the scary-dentist gene is skipping Jenna tho. :) What a girl!

dad said...

Hi Dan: glad to hear that Jenna is ok after her 'dancing and swirling' in the kitchen landed her on her face,,,,, glad that the Dentist was ok with her although it sounds like Dad was more 'tramatized' than Jenna.... enjoy your batchelor Dad weekend....Dad

Passante said...

Ouch! I can sympathize, having not long ago taken a fall full on my face (luckily my chin got the brunt and not my front teeth -- since I don't have any in the wings waiting to grow in). Minor as my resulting dental work was, it cost the tooth fairy wa-a-ay more than a quarter. Another ouch!

Dan said...

Thanks for everyone's comments - Jenna's doing great and hardly notices her missing tooth.

Jackie Champion said...

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