09 January 2007

Scribd - check it out!

I was recently invited to participate in a beta test for a site called Scribd. It's a site that lets you share and find documents online, and I've uploaded both The Boomer Sisters Meet Champy and Meet The Boomer Sisters.

It would be cool if you click on those links (at least one of 'em) and give me a vote... And maybe even upload a document or two of your own!

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Anonymous said...

There is another cool new company in this space. It is called OpenFloodgate. Their slogan is, “Opening the path to publication to everyone.” This site now allows you to share your work (anything that can be uploaded as a doc or pdf) and will soon allow you to sell it. Also, you can make each work public, private, or only available to a select “club.” Check it out at http://www.openfloodgate.com