31 October 2006

No Feet...

When I was at RPI last week, I stopped into the restroom to, ahem, have a rest. Upon completion of said rest, I noticed a sign posted above the sink. It said: "Please Do Not Wash Feet In The Sink." Some joker had penciled in "You are not at Union College," but as far as I can tell, the ban on feet washing was serious.

Even setting intercollegiate rivalries aside, I think it's a darn funny sign. I'm thinking of posting a few around here, in a similar vein. Maybe one near the water fountain (Please Do Not Wash Your Hair In The Water Fountain). Maybe one inside the locker room door at the gym (Pants are mandatory beyond this point).

There's so much potential for humor here... I'd love to hear your ideas (or better yet, I'd love to see photos of signs you've created and posted in your place of work, community, etc).

Happy Halloween!


Ryan M said...

Dan, that's great! But as a former Resident Assistant at RPI, I'd have to say that that's quite a normal sighting :) Speaking of fun signs, for April 1st one year, some friends and I decided to post our dislike for the constantly raising tuition. So, we changed the sign on the drawbridge from "Why not change the world?" to "Why not change the tuition?" The sign stayed up for about a week; apparently no one who was influential saw it and cared to have it taken down! (I've emailed it to you if you care to post it) Great times, and have fun posting rogue signs of your own!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... washing hair in the water fountain? Sounds like a good NaNo cahracter to me . . . you know, someone who's a little ocd and can only wash their hair in a water fountain.