18 September 2006

Bewildering Architecture, Part IV

Here is the fourth-and-final entry in the Bewildering Architecture series. I figured it would be appropriate to end this series on a whimper, and thus I saved the lamest for the last.

It's just a wall, built along the side of a building. It's got a passage way cut in it, so it doesn't block anyone's path. The top of the wall extends well above the roof of the building... and for the life of me, I can't figure out why it's there!

Is it a windblock? It's awfully small for that. Some sort of structural support for the building (I can't imagine how). Decoration? Part of a larger, as-yet-unfinished plan? Or is it just a cheap place to store a bunch of extra bricks?

I'd love to hear your ideas.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the purpose of these structures is mental stimulation ... to get curious people such as yourself thinking and wondering. Ahhh, their destinies are fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is an alien sundial?

Dan said...

An alien sundial! Brilliant! I'm sure that's the case. Now we can tell what time it is on some other planet, perhaps? :)