11 August 2006

Synertia Defined

When synergy leads to maintenance of the status quo, organizations end up with: Synertia!

Synertia - the effect of two or more agents working together to resist change.


Mark said...

Clever! But google it... there is a lot of Synertia out there:

It seems strange to want to brand a business as something that is so stagnant-sounding!

Here's another one:
Synmplicity: Combining two or more complex components in such a way that the combination is simpler than the individual parts.

Can you think of any real world examples of Synertia or Synmplicity?

Dan said...

Yeah, I googled the word to see if anyone else was using this definition, and found that company. Too funny!

As for real world examples, I'd nominate just about any bureaucracy, particularly those who rely on buzzwords like "synergy for a new enterprise paradigm"

Gabe said...

Dude, any corporate buzzwords right! Check this manifesto out The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. There are great sections in here about all the made up, cursory stuff that companies enact, like mission and vision statements, that don't affect anything.