03 August 2006

Colbert on Wikipedia

In case you missed The Colbert Report's commentary on wikipedia, you can slip on over to YouTube and watch (it's about 4 minutes long). Then go check out the Wikipedia entry on Elephants, but don't bother trying to change the content to say the elephant population is increasing - they've locked the page down.

I see this as one more piece of evidence of Wikipedia's value, strength and secure place in the constellation of human knowledge repositories. The fact that Colbert refered to it shows how popular it is. The fact that the vandalism he tried to incite was nipped in the bud shows how resilient it is. And the discussion page associated with the Elephant entry shows how thoughtful, intelligent and fun-loving Wikipedians can be.

Of course, I had a positive opinion of Wikipedia already, but this really helps to confirm it.

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Kim said...

Wikipedia is a favorite here at work too. It's a daily tool for sure!