10 August 2006

Printing On Water

When I started this blog, most of my posts were about cool, weird, surprising technology... stuff that I might have otherwise distributed in an email to a select few people. Since that time, it's become a bit more reflective & business/life oriented, but I figure it's time to once again check in on the world of strange technology you've never heard of.

Check out this device - it uses waves to "print" letters on the surface of water.

Why? For sheer amusement, of course! I'd love to have one in my back yard!


Kim said...

What would your backyard water printer say?

Dan said...

Hmmm... good question! It's one letter at a time, so maybe something in text message lingo... How about: LOL

Gabe said...

How about, "This Thingy Really Rocks!" Or maybe just "?"