08 February 2006

The Religious Policeman

Wow, when you get a chance, visit a blog titled The Religious Policeman, written by a Saudi man who lives in the UK. It's fascinating & funny - scroll down to an entry from 1 Feb, titled "A Memo," which sheds some really interesting light on the whole issue of those Danish cartoons which have light off such a firestorm.

It seems to me that one thing often missing from the official pronouncements about these cartoons is any comment on the Muslim world's response. President Clinton said the cartoons were "appalling" - but I didn't hear him say the rioting and destruction was bad...

From France, Chirac "condemned acts of violence aimed at Danes and Danish representatives overseas." That's more like it.

The cartoons may have been offensive and inappropriate, but the reaction some people choose to have was the real crime. We shouldn't excuse their violent behavior, just because some dude made a few disrespectful drawings.

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