23 February 2006


I admit it, I'm a sucker for poetic, melancholoy tunes with clever lyrics and a slightly askance point of view. My latest infatuation is with British singer / songwriter Polly Paulusma. Her single Dark Side is fantastic, She Moves In Secret Ways is amazing, and for that matter, so is the whole Scissors In My Pocket album (which was "recorded largely in Polly's garden shed during the glorious summer of 2003 on a shoe-string budget").

One of the things I love about Ms Paulusma, in addition to her striking musical abilities, is the back story (recording in her garden shed!). She started recording without having a record deal in place - it was just for the love of the music, and that passion really comes through.

And the title of the Scissors album? Let's hear her explain it (from her website):

The origin of the album's title "Scissors in My Pocket" relates to an incident that happened when Polly was just 8, and "obsessed with sailing," (a theme that's still showing up in her lyrics). "I wanted a boat, so I decided to build a raft in our back garden on a piece of old, flat fencing. My parents could see it wouldn't float, but I didn't believe them.

After decorating it with a cabin and putting on lights, I somehow persuaded my mom to take me to the river to launch it. She was great, I was adamant. I tied a piece of rope to the raft and gave her the other end to hold, ostensibly so she could pull me back when I got to the middle of the river, to calm her nerves. But I didn't tell her I'd put scissors in my pocket. I was going to cut the rope and run away to London. But of course, the boat sank instantly as soon as I pushed it into the water.

"When I started making this record, I felt a similar kind of condescension," Polly added. "A lot of people saying 'That's very nice dear, but you can't really make your own record.' You have to stick fingers up to people like that. 'I know this will float, so up yours.' And luckily, this time it worked."

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. She's a very talented Rogue - listen to her music, believe her stories, and let her get inside your head. Then go create what you're supposed to create, record deal or no...

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