08 April 2005

Weird Tech Update

Just some stimulating ideas for your reading pleasure:

Part I: I just came across an article about a Micro Air Vehicle called the Wasp. It's 13 inches long, 6 oz. One application is to use it to search ships before boarding. Interestingly "According to the C4ISR Journal article, however, it's not yet clear how or whether the Wasp will be deployed." Is it good or badthat we don't quite know how it'll be used?

Part II: Another article talks about how scientist are able to control the behavior of fruitflies by remote control. As the article describes it: "Like a hypnotist who gets a man to act like a chicken when he hears a code word, scientists have genetically modified fruit flies to jump or beat their wings when flashed with lasers."

Part III: How's this for innovative locomotion? The TETWalker's applications range from planetary exploration to nanotech movement.

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