13 December 2006

OODA Loop!

One of John Boyd's better known contributions to the world is the Observe - Orient - Decide - Act loop, also known as the OODA Loop. It's become a pretty important concept, for both business and military strategists. I ran across an actual OODA Loop while driving on Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Being the Boyd fan that I am, I naturally had to turn my car around, find a place to park, walked over with my camera phone, and snapped this picture.

Finding this street sign was, hands down, the highlight of this trip.


Ryan said...

Bummer! The picture's not loading..

Dan said...

Hmmm... the picture loaded fine for me. Anyone else not seeing the photo?

Dick Field said...

"A lack of peril makes you soft, in real life as well as in fiction."

Dan -- Whenever I think you are settling into the gentle joys of literary satisfaction, the Rogue Project Warrior comes back!

Dick Field said...

Sorry - that was meant to go with "Peril".

Dan said...

Thanks, Dick! Glad I'm able to keep things surprising (& rogue-ish!)