15 December 2006

Blogger Etiquette

I'm still sort of new to this whole blogging thing (aren't we all?). So, I'm coming to understand the still-developing etiquette about blogging, and thought I'd pass along what I've learned. Let me know if I missed anything.

1) If you're a blogger, blog. Don't post something once a month and expect people to keep checking, just in case today is the day. Post something several times a week (daily is best, of course). In other words, go big or go home.

2) If you're a reader, participate. You don't need to leave a comment on every entry of every blog you read, but please do make it a point to leave at least an occasional comment, even if it's just "Good point" (for a clever post) or "LOL" (for a funny post). Nobody likes a lurker. (def lurker: slang term for a person who reads a blog regularly but never leaves a comment").

3) If you're a blogger, reply to the comments people leave - participation works both ways. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, the polite thing to do is acknowledge that comment (Thanks to Trevor Gay for setting a great example of this).


Michelle said...


And congrats on finishing this month's typing fiesta!

Happy editing! :)

Ryan said...

Good points!


Dan said...


timage said...

...and if you're a RICH reader, feel free to leave a donation :) and we'll forego your responsibility to leave a comment.

You're right, this manifesto fits well with my manifesto. Manifestos Unite!

Dan said...

Thanks, Tim - and welcome to the blog!

Gabe said...

The cool thing about a blog and about blogging is that you don't have to do any of this...because you have total control. It's your bloody blog! You can DANG well do with it what you want! And don't listen to wise crack gurus like Mr. Ward Here (teehehe). Just go with the flow baby.

How about that for some Rogue Flava