10 March 2006

Curious George Soundtrack

My birthday was yesterday and I received an amazing, beautiful CD - the soundtrack from the Curious George movie.

I saw the movie last month (with the kids, of course), and although the story, artwork, etc is fantastic, the film is worth seeing for the soundtrack alone. The music is by Jack Johnson, a surfer/singer/songwriter from Hawaii, and it's some of the most mellow, infectious and groovy little tunes I've ever encountered.

I know, this really has nothing to do with technology development, innovation, etc... but it's such a darn good CD I couldn't resist.


Yosh said...

Darn good CD! I've got that in my car right now! :)

Happy belated birthday!


Kelly said...

I agree--also have heard the CD as well as some of his others. He is a fantastic singer/musician