28 July 2005

Ready To Launch!

Remember SpaceShipOne and Burt Rutan's crew from Scaled Composites? They're the team that won the $10M X-Prize. Well, they've officially teamed up with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group to create The Spaceship Company, and they're going to build a fleet of sub-orbital spaceships and launch aircraft. No kidding.

They plan to be operating commercially by the end of 2008 - a little over 3 years from now! At the moment, a flight on one of Virgin Galactic's new spaceships will cost ya $200,000... but the price is expected to drop.

As soon as the price gets low enough, I'm TOTALLY going up there (if my wife will let me). :)

It's an exciting new world out there!

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Kelly said...

Interesting. Yeah one day I'll be doing that too. Hey, what did you do to the Blog--it's been changed. Have a good one.