25 March 2005

Question Of The Day

Why do you work?
No doubt, there are many reasons you come to the office every day. Hopefully your work is more than just a means to put food on the table. Hopefully words like service and fun fit into your answer somewhere.
My answer? I'll post it in the Comments section below. I hope you'll post yours there too...


Dan said...

Why do I work? Sure, I work because I have to make a living... but I do this particular job because I love my country and want to help keep it safe. Because I enjoy the challenges and opportunities. Because it gives me a chance to stretch and grow and learn. Because despite the occasional hassles, frustrations, etc, it really is a fun trip.

Yosh said...

I work because I want to play. If I could have fun every day of my life, I wouldn't call it work! ;) While I do enjoy my job, I believe that is more because of the people, the technology, and the bretheren that I am supporting - a.k.a. the warfighter. I have a lot of friends that I don't want harm to come to...if I can do anything to protect them in the field, then my job is a good job.