21 July 2006

One more Exposure comment

If anyone out there is actually reading this blog, you are probably getting bored with the Exposure book. Sorry about that, but I couldn't resist one more posting.

See, I just noticed that Exposure is offered under a Creative Commons license... specifically, an Attribution 2.0 License, which basically says people can do what ever they want with the content, as long as they attribute the work to the originators.

This includes commercial use.

If any of you creative-types out there are interested in 21st century intellectual property management options, please check out the Creative Commons site for the stuff you need.


Kim said...

I´m someone out there/here who´s reading your blog every day -- even if I don´t understand what you´re writing about some of the time. :)

Mark said...

I hereby authorize you to make as much money as you want from the use of this comment. Just don't forget to give me credit for its brilliance.