07 September 2005

Cube-Hacks, anyone?

I'm trying to see if there is any info out there about modifying, hacking or tweaking your cubicle. I'm not finding much (yet).

What I'm looking for is photos, ideas, templates, etc for cool and crazy things (preferably non-destructive) to personalize one's corporate home-away-from-home.

Yosh's shower curtain is a good start, but I want to think bigger.

Any ideas?

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Yosh said...

You mean like real doors!? ;) How about Nextel phones instead of landlines...then we could take our work numbers with us as well. It works with my laptop...I'm so much more productive than when I only had a desktop PC. Easier to go TDY too. Then there's the AF wide common e-mail (such as yosh@af.mil rather than yosh@ifea.rl.af.mil.iwannakeepmyemailwhenimove.com) it makes transition so much easier. Matter of fact, the Nextel phones could be issued and kept throughout the career to maintain phone numbers. Then it would be harder to lose corporate knowledge because the number/e-mail stays the same...